Duck Specialist Chef

Job ID 5997746
Posted on 29/Mar/2021 to 25/Sep/2021
Experience: 3 Years +
$ 23.00 - $ 26.00 / Hour
Ottawa, Ontario

Job Description

Position: Duck Specialist Chef
Address: Unit 200, 90 St. George Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 0A8
Wage: $23/hour - $26/hour, Permanent, Full time, 40 hours /week
Vacancy: 2

Job Duties:
- Perform duck ironing, make semi-finished duck and ensure the processes meet the quality standards of Quanjude
- Use hanging oven technique to roast duck
- Skillfully slices the duck tender meat over the table for customers
- Instruct duck cooks and other kitchen helpers in preparation of the lotus-leaf-like pancakes and the sweet sauce made of fermented flour
- Perform records keeping of expenditures and sales, monitor the inventory level
- Delegate kitchen helper to order raw materials, ingredients and kitchen supplies on a regular basis
- Perform the quality control process and ensure every finished roast duck meet the quality standard: shiny in appearance, purplish red in color, aromatic in smell and hot with a slight amount of steam
- Supervise and examine duck cooks and other kitchen helpers in preparation and use of the raw materials and ingredients
- Train duck chefs in preparing, cooking and handling of the roast duck consistently and conduct performance assessments
- Modify and update menus and ensure all dishes meet quality standards

Employment requirements:

- Several years of relevant experience in similar position
- Specialist skills in roast duck cooking
- Completion of Secondary School

Please send your resume to, and please note that we only con tact the qualified candidates.

Food Service / Restaurant
Secondary School
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